Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Wait, What? US Man Arrested For Slapping Woman In Face With Pizza Slice

When it comes to news, there is no dearth of bizarre and entertaining content out there. We have seen so many hilarious stories from across the world pop up on our news feed. While some of these make us smile, others simply make us wonder how and why such things happen in the first place! Recently, one such anecdote popped up on our social media feed making us roll with laughter. A man from Florida, US was arrested after he slapped a woman in her face with a pizza slice!

Yes, you read that right. A 39-year-old named Ortelio Lazaro Alfonso was arrested after he had an argument with a female victim. Believe it or not, he told authorities that he had a heated debate and he slapped her with a slice of pizza on her left cheek after a domestic feud. Marion County Sheriff's Office reported that he threw the pizza at her and it struck her in her face. "The defendant advised he did not physically strike the victim with his hands, just with the pizza," deputies wrote in the affidavit, according to Fox News.

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The man was arrested for hitting a woman with a pizza slice. Photo Credit: iStock

The pizza sauce was found on the front of the victim's shirt, her shirt collar and the back of her shirt said Fox News. She also had remnants of pizza in her hair and around her ear. Authorities also found pizza sauce in the walls and ceilings of the kitchen. Alfonso was then detained in the Marion County Jail, charged with battery and released later after his own cognisance.

This is not the only bizarre story involving pizza that has gone viral. Recently, Pizza Hut Japan launched a new pizza with coriander as a topping, much to the internet's surprise. Click here to read more about this story.

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