Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Viral: Man Shares Video Of Fusion 'Matka Dosa' - Internet Divided

Two weeks back, an Instagram reel showing the making of "Cheese Soda Blast" went viral. People were left wondering how adding cheese to a soda drink could possibly be a good idea (Read the full story here). This time, cheese is again part of a fusion dish that is grabbing eyeballs online. A video showing the making of a specific kind of cheesy dosa is garnering a lot of interest on Twitter. A cheese dosa is nothing new to us - but this dish, which has been dubbed a "Matka Dosa" has ingredients that some would consider unusual. However, according to other users, the dish seemed hardly bizarre - some even called it "tasty." But what is this "Matka Dosa" exactly?
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The video was shared by Twitter user Deepak Prabhu (@ragiing_bull), who simply captioned it "#matkadosa." It was originally an Instagram reel created by a vlogger (@gluttony_person). It shows the step-by-step method of a man making the dosa - he first sautes veggies and seasons them with chaat masala, ketchup, soy sauce and more. He adds what seems to be paneer pieces and stir-fries the ingredients some more. Separately, he drizzles mayonnaise across the opening of a small matka. He adds shredded cabbage and cheese too. He then begins making the actual dosa on a tawa. He adds fillings and grates a lot of cheese on top. In the end, he makes a cone shape of the dosa and places it, corner-downwards, into the matka. Watch the full video below:

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The Twitter video has received 70.5K views so far. In the comments, Twitter users seem divided regarding the idea of the dosa. While many were quick to condemn such fusion food, others thought that it may actually taste good. Check out some of their reactions below:

What do you think of this dish? Do you feel like trying it? Let us know in the comments. Have you heard about the "dosa printer"? Last month, this South Indian classic was in the headlines because of a video showing it being 'printed.' Wondering how? Click here to know more.
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