Tuesday, February 21, 2023

"World's Biggest M&M's" Chocolate Found By A Man, Guinness World Records Reacts

We all have expected friends and relatives travelling abroad or visiting India from abroad to get us M&M's candies. And we almost always get it. M&M's are one of the most popular American candies that find much love in India. The bright and colourful Gems-like treats have always come in button-shaped small sizes. But a man recently found the "biggest M&M in the world" and is expecting to get into the Guinness World Records for the discovery. Fintan Walsh shared the picture of M&M's chocolate on Twitter and tagged the account of Guinness World Records.

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"Hi @GWR I have the biggest M&M in the world. What's the next step for us," Walsh captioned the post. He shared a picture of two M&M's candies placed on his palm. The green-coloured candy seems to be of regular size but the blue candy appears to be much bigger. M&M's usually come in two sizes - 1.04 cm and 2.12 cm in diameter. But this candy in the picture actually looks bigger than the standard sizes and looks very similar to M&M's. 

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Guinness World Records retweeted the post and responded in good spirits by writing jokingly, "That's not an M&M, that's a boulder".

Well, we don't blame Fintan Walsh for trying. After all, many people have actually set and broken records for showcasing the biggest food items.

A man from Australia broke records for stacking up the tallest tower of M&M candies. Click here for details.

A US-based cheesemaker company entered the Guinness World Record for making the world's largest Mac-N-Cheese. Click here to know more.

A chef duo made the world's largest chicken nugget and made it to the Guinness World Record. Read more about it here.

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