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8 Vodka Brands In India That Are Worth A Shot

India has one of the biggest consumer markets for vodka. The clear distilled alcoholic beverage finds many takers because of its neutral taste that makes for a good drink without any mixing and also melds well with chasers and other flavourings. It can just as easily be had on the rocks as it can be fashioned into a buzzy, refreshing cocktail. Vodka is traditionally made with fermented cereal grains and potatoes. But it is also being experimented with fruits and nuts these days. While the beverage's origin can be traced back to Poland, Russia and Sweden, many other countries are grabbing the production opportunities, including India. Here, we bring you a list of some popular Vodka brands that are widely available in India. Try them out.

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8 Of The Best Vodka Brands In India That Are Worth Trying: 

1. U'Luvka Vodka

A Polish luxury vodka from the Wielkopolska region, it is made using four cereal grains- rye, wheat, barley and oats- in balanced perfection. U'Luvka is known as the spirit of a legendary vodka created by a famous alchemist at the court of King Sigismund III - Poland, 16th Century by using a precise formula. It includes fresh and ripe grain notes and is clean and direct with real body. It also comes with a good range of nuances of spice, sherbet and nuttiness. This vodka is delicate with a creamy, buttery character and a balance of sweet, savoury, spicy flavours, with underlying ryness, expanding further with freshness and spice. Moreover, the vibrant grain finish retains freshness and keeps delivering flavour.

2. White Mischief 

This vodka became popular because of its association with the cheerleaders of IPL. Under the aegis of United Breweries Group, White Mischief has reportedly acquired a massive market share of 46%, which makes it the largest selling vodka in India. What really makes it click with the young consumers is its various variants, including Strawberry+Ginseng, Mango+Mint and Green Apple+Cinnamon. 

3. Rahasya 

Ever wondered what India in a bottle would taste like? Enter Rahasya, (pronounced Ra-hus-ya), a premium craft vodka inspired by the mysticism and folklore of India. Meaning 'mystery' or 'secret' in Sanskrit, Rahasya was conceived with the intention to create a carefully researched product from India for the world. Launched by Varna Bhat of Blisswater Industries Private Limited, Rahasya is Goa-based craft vodka that captures the essence of India in the truest sense. Crisp notes with a refreshing aftertaste, this vodka is best enjoyed plain and simple on ice, making it an extremely pleasant and palatable white spirit. 


Rahasya is a Goa-based vodka brand.

4. Kiev Vodka

Kiev Vodka is a smooth and refreshing vodka that is easily available in several states in India, including Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Uttarakhand. Made from high-quality grains, this vodka has a crisp and clean taste, with subtle hints of sweetness. It's a versatile drink that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other beverages. Kiev Vodka is a great option for those who enjoy good vodka and want a quality product at an affordable price.


5. Billion Air Vodka

This light vodka is made with 98% American corn and 2% wheat and offers a mild floral aftertaste. This vodka is distilled in US and bottled at Vrun's Sonaar Beverages' in Palghar, Maharashtra. Billion Air vodka is perfect for those who want a soothing drink with a pleasant flavour. 

6. Smoke Vodka  

Another notable vodka that is crafted and bottled in India is Smoke Lab Vodka. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is made with Indian Basmati rice! It is charcoal-filtered and undergoes a 5-step distillation process to offer classic and fennel-flavoured Smoke Vodka Aniseed. It was the brainchild of Varun Jain, Director of NV Group, who wanted their vodka to appeal to the urban young generation. With a chic, modern-look bottle, it definitely does.  


Smoke Vodka appeals to the young generation.

7. Magic Moments 

This vodka from Radico Khaitan has been in the market for quite some time now and still remains a favourite of many. It is produced from high-quality grains and distilled thrice to give it a smooth finish. The beverage has 40% alcohol content but is very pleasing on the palate. 

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Magic Moments is an old Indian vodka brand.

8. Romanov 

This vodka is pegged as an affordable drink for the masses. It is manufactured by United Spirits, which is a subsidiary of United Breweries Group. The name 'Romanov' comes from the Russian Romanov dynasty that was in rule for centuries till the 1900s. The vodka has a sharp note with underlying hints of spiciness. So, for those who like their drink with a strong aftertaste, this vodka is a good option. 

Which one of these vodka brands you have tried and liked? Share in the comments section below. 

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