Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Nargis Fakhri Cooked Pasta For Herself, Shared Step-By-Step Pics

How many of you are a fan of pasta? Well, let's agree that this classic Italian dish has a special place in our hearts. The other reason to fall in love with pasta is that it's vibrant and super tasty. There is a vast range of pasta recipes that you can try your hands on. Right? Do you know Nargis Fakhri also likes pasta? So much so that today she decided to treat herself to a wholesome meal at home. The interesting thing here is that she shared glimpses of her cooking trail on Instagram Stories. In the first picture, her text read, “Onion garlic and chilli. Now, I will add butter and lemon and toss this in some pasta.”

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Her next snap featured boiled spaghetti almost ready to be mixed with the sauce and other ingredients. She added, “Get that pasta ready!” The hashtag was “Pasta.”


Showcasing us a view of the flavourful bright red sauce for the recipe, Nargis mentioned, “#Sauce done.”


She also shared a picture of the final dish. It looked utterly delightful and tasty. “Voila #tasty,” added Nargis.


If Nargis Fakhri's cooking diaries motivated you to rustle up some pasta for yourself, here are five drool-worthy recipes for you to try out.

Here're 5 Pasta Recipes You Can Try:

1) White sauce pasta

You can never get enough of this yummy pasta. Long strands of fettuccine smeared in a cream-based and luscious white sauce are a sheer delight to have. Make this at home and garnish it with some Parmesan cheese and chopped parsley. Recipe here.

2) Red sauce pasta

This flavourful pasta can be your go-to meal whenever you are hungry. It's super delicious, filling and packed with flavours. People from all age groups enjoy red sauce pasta. The goodness of tomato sauce stands out in this dish. Find the recipe here.  

3) Chicken pasta

We have something truly appetising for chicken lovers as well. The best part? Chicken pasta gets ready in just half an hour. So, trust this recipe if you are bored with regular meals. Once the whole process is done, garnish with some cheese and serve hot. Click here for the recipe.  

4) Pink sauce pasta

When you've had enough red or white sauce pasta, here's how you can bring in some twist to the recipe. Basically, pink sauce pasta is a delectable combination of the creaminess of cheese with zesty tomato sauce. You can opt for this dish for your weekend cheat meal. Recipe here.  

5) Egg pasta

Here's introducing pasta with a protein twist. If this Italian dish is your favourite, you must try this recipe at home. We are telling you, once you have this lip-smacking egg pasta, there's simply no going back. It's tasty, of course, and comes with a healthy twist. Find the recipe here.  

Like Nargis Fakhri, do you also find time to cook your favourite pasta at home?

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