Friday, March 31, 2023

Watch: This Sweet Dabeli Is "Unique" For All The Wrong Reasons

The bizarre food combos just won't stop. While they rarely give us hope, don't you feel curious to know about what people are experimenting with? Just yesterday, a video showing "pani puri shawarma" went viral. Foodies were left clamouring for a 'dislike' button on Instagram (Know more here). Shawarma is a dish that is beloved by many not only in India but also in other countries. Today, another popular snack has become the target of a strange food experiment: the dabeli from Gujarat. This dish typically has savoury flavours, with spiced potato, peanut and sev stuffing. But a recent video showing the preparation of a sweet version has left the internet angry.
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The video was shared by a Twitter user @chiragbarjatyaa. He simply captioned it, "Every second of this video is shocking." In it, we see a man presenting the dish set-by-step to the viewers, explaining the ingredients as he adds them. He first holds up two sticks of ice-creams to the camera. He then cuts up slices of bread and soaks them in a yellowish liquid. He then begins assembling the dish in a foil container. On top of the bread pieces, he adds some kind of sauce and then crushed dry fruits (kaju, badam and pista). He ladles sweet chutney on top and then proceeds to grate a lot of cheese. Finally, he cuts up three different ice cream dollies (including chocolate and mango) and layers the pieces on top of the cheese. Watch the video below:

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The video has received 216K views so far and was allegedly shot at Bhai Bhai Dabeliwala in Vadodara. Many Twitter users were simply left asking why this dish even exists. Others were horrified at the bizarre fusion of flavours. Some made sarcastic jokes. Check out the reactions below:

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Would you dare try this dish?

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