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Take Your Pet Along: Top 5 Pet-Friendly Cafes In Delhi

Hello animal lovers! We know you adore your pets a lot and how much struggle it is for you to step outside your house leaving them behind alone. We just love our babies so much, and if there was a possibility to take them along with us anywhere, it would be a blessing. For those who are tired of asking favours from friends and family to take care of their pet, we have got you sorted. You don't have to worry about where to keep your cute fur balls if you're planning to go out for lunch or dinner. There are plenty of cafes in Delhi that are pet-friendly and will welcome your pets, whether it is a cat or a dog. To help you out, we have listed down the top 5 pet-friendly cafes in Delhi.

Here Are The Top 5 Pet-Friendly Cafes In Delhi

1. The Palette

The palette is an aesthetically built café, where you can engage yourself in art activities while eating their delicious food. The café is located at the Dhan Mill Compound and is open to having pets in their café. They have a special pet-friendly menu that will be loved by your pet. Besides this, they also have a pet accessories shop where you'll find everything from bandanas, bow ties, and pet toys, to an amazing pet clothing collection.

Where: Chattarpur, New Delhi

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2. Diggin

Diggin is an Italian restaurant with a beautiful ambience. If you are planning to head to this café located in Delhi, then you must take your pet along. Diggin is a pet-friendly café and also has dogs, with whom you can spend time. If your dog isn't too friendly, especially with other dogs then you will have to reconsider your choice, or you can keep them on a leash. The café has a special outdoor area where you and your pet can chill. Note that they don't allow pets to go in the indoor sitting area.

Where: Anand Lok, New Delhi

3. Puppy Chef Pet Cafe

This cute little café is specially made for your pets. Yes, your pets will be given extremely special treatment, so don't be jealous if you get less attention. Their vast pet menu includes tea cake, salmon cutlets, tofu cookies, porridge, pizzas and much more. What's unique is that they have a special party zone and phone booth for pets, and they also organise pet birthday parties. Sweet isn't it?

Where: Hauz Khas, New Delhi

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4. Big Fat Sandwich

Big Fat Sandwich is a great cafe where you can eat, sip coffee, play with your dogs, or just relax while reading a book. This café serves delicious macarons and freshly-made coffee. It is very much open if you just walk in with your pet for a cup of coffee, however, they don't have much to feed them, so it would be nice to carry some of your pet's favourite treats and prepacked food.

Where: Hauz Khas, New Delhi

5. Ambra

Ambra is located in the buzzing lanes of the Alaknanda area near GK. This is amongst some of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes in the town that serve delicious food. Some of their dishes you must try are seafood risotto and fettuccine with truffled mushrooms. The plus point of café Ambra is that they allow pets, and have an outdoor sitting area where you can spend a good time with your fur ball.

Where: Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi

Hope this information was helpful for you and your pet. Do let us know in the comment section.

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