Sunday, March 26, 2023

This Restaurant Is Selling "100% Veg Butter Chicken", Internet Is Baffled

We all know that restaurants can often go the extra length to customise food and make it available to customers as per their choice. While customisation is not uncommon, here we bring you an absolutely bizarre case where a restaurant when a bit too far, leaving everyone confused. We are talking about a restaurant that claims to be selling “100% veg butter chicken.” How is this possible? Well, a woman has shared a screenshot of the menu on Twitter. The name of the dish is “100% veg butter chicken,” and the picture adjacent to it shows a gravy-laden chicken dish garnished with some cream. The user used the caption, “Spot what's wrong.” The post has left users puzzled and speechless.      

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This post, amidst Navratri when people are looking for vegetarian alternatives, has been grabbing more eyeballs.

The Twitter post has crossed 38.2K views for now. Many users have been reacting in the comment section.  

Exploring the possibility of vegan alternatives, a user wrote, “Plant-based meat hoga (Must be plant-based meat).”

Another user stated, “When you don't want to mention vegan but also want to play safe.”

Someone humorously added, “Sounds like veg biryani.”

A comment read, “Spacing between price and more details - if something doesn't have rating show - no rating And the veg and non-veg toggle and the results - 100 veg butter chicken.”

“They are saying butter will be veg and as usual chicken will be non-veg,” added another comment.

Someone wrote, “You have opted for non-veg still you got this recommendation.”

A user mentioned, “The chicken was certified vegetarian till it became part of your butter chicken, that is why "vegetarian butter chicken.”

Someone wrote, “What's the problem? Butter is veg. And the chicken they use is plant fed. So essential... Veg. Simple!”

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A user stated, “Let's start to consider fish and chicken in vegetarian. Only red meats should be considered for the red icon. PS - let's rebrand non-veg to “meat” and veg to “non-meat.”

Someone shared, “Well I can still play along with Veg Butter Chicken but the non-veg symbol is what troubles me.”

Whether a success or not, the unique dish has resulted in some fun conversations on social media among foodies. What did you think of the veg butter chicken? Tell us in the comments.

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