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Harsh Goenka Tweets About Traditional Indian Thalis, Leaves Everyone Guessing The Cuisines

India's diverse regional cuisines have always attracted people across the globe. Indian food, as a whole, offers a range of flavours, aromas and taste sensations that are unmatchable. Each and every state or region, so to say, is blessed with authentic local dishes that are an integral part of the lives of local residents. These dishes are vibrant, interesting and unique. One should never miss a chance to chomp on authentic traditional thalis from different parts of the country. And that is exactly what industrialist Harsh Goenka did recently. He shared a post on Twitter featuring four pictures of different thalis he relished from various states. Furthermore, he asked fellow Twitter users to identify the cuisines.
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For the caption, Harsh Goenka added, “Recent thalis I have relished. All from different parts of our country. Let's see how many of these cuisines you can identify!”  

The first one resembles Sindhi food with a whole lot of traditional treats. The second thali shows drool-worthy Kashmiri delicacies. A sumptuous preparation of lotus stem or kamal kakdi was common among the two cuisines. The third one is Himachali including yummy arbi ke patte ke pakode also known as Patedu, patrode or patoru among other things. And, the last picture showed a scrumptious Maharashtrian thali with missal pav, masala bhaat, moth beans along with other dishes. The post received many reactions from foodies out there. Everyone seems to have had fun identifying the cuisines from different parts of the country.
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Some people identified the cuisines this way: “A - Sindhi B - Kashmiri C - Gujarati D – Maharashtrian”

One user wrote, “1. Sindhi 2. Not sure 3. Gujarati 4. Marathi.”

Some users were absolutely right in their identification. “A: Sindhi B: Kashmiri C : Himachali D: Maharashtrian Kamalgatta is common in Sindhi & Kashmiri”

Tempted by so much food, a user wrote, “Harshji, reduce the tension… do tell the name of restaurants and city”

Another user mentioned, “Not at all interested in identifying cuisines, rather interested in relishing along with you. You should have once a month community (as in societal) langar and invite some of us. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense.”

“Sir I can identify several of the items, but the problem is I can't write because right now I am having my dinner thali ( bhindi fry + toor daal + desi chicken fry and garlic pickle) and believe me it is so yummy,” read another comment.

Someone wrote, “Good morning! Indian food surely has variety and taste incomparable. Early morning having a good look brought up the fantastic tastes of the thalis. Decided to enjoy that rather than concentrate on identifying.”

Many users also shared pictures of different cuisines in the comment section. Were you able to guess the thalis correctly?
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