Sunday, March 26, 2023

Woman Helps Son's Hungry Classmate With Extra Lunch, Gets Praised

There are several inspiring stories of people going out of their way to help others in need. One such story has taken over the internet. It involves a mother who helped a starving classmate of her son. Here's the story - a woman shared a Twitter post talking about how she is extending a helping hand to her son's college friend who seems to be starving. Read on to know all about this sweet story!

The post revealed that her son befriended a young man in college who he noticed over the last few weeks wasn't eating anything. Her son started sharing his lunch with him and eventually, the young man confessed that he was starving. The woman then stated that she now prepares two packed lunches so that the youngsters can focus on performing well in class. With a picture of the lunch boxes consisting of what appeared to be sandwiches and other packaged snacks and bananas, she mentioned, “My son made friends with a young man at college who he noticed over the last few weeks isn't eating anything He's started sharing his lunch with him & the young man confessed he is starving I now make 2 packed lunches so they can both concentrate on doing well in class.”

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Many users praised the kind gesture of the woman. The post has received 11 million views and 202.4K likes up till now.

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A user stated, “Thank you for being kind and compassionate. Your son as well. We need more people like you. I know I speak for many here when I say if there's a way we can help pay for the groceries to help feed that young man we would love to help.”

Someone added, “The fact that your son noticed his friend's condition reflects on the great parenting he obviously had We need more young men in the world like him”

Sharing a similar experience, another user narrated, “When I was young all my friends' parents did this for me. Made up the couch, ended up moving in and bouncing around an amazing support group of friends' parents. They saved my life and helped make me who I am today. Forever grateful for their gestures and make sure they know how much it impacted my life. Thank you.”

“This is beautiful, my son who is 16 does the same with his friend who he knows doesn't have lunch money. He's fortunate enough to get them both lunch. It warms your heart at their kindness,” read another comment.

Someone who seemed to be concerned about free school meals stated, “Heartbreaking and thank you for stepping up. BUT don't kids in this situation qualify for free school meals? Or is that not the case at colleges? No child should go hungry.”

A user shared, “Food is a basic need of everyone living, I know what it is like to go hungry for days. During the pandemic, I had to take care of my sick brother who has a heart condition. I starved so he could have enough to eat to maintain his diet.”

“I remember being in college and not having enough money for food. My stomach growled in class and it was so embarrassing. Then I noticed a grove of orange trees on campus and I felt so guilty for taking some but seriously they saved me,” someone added.

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