Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Rihanna Satisfies Her Pregnancy Cravings With These Drool-Worthy Dishes

Rihanna is pregnant with her second child with partner A$AP Rocky. The news came to the fore after her explosive Super Bowl halftime show that took the world by storm. Well, her fans certainly can't keep calm and want to know every detail of her special journey. And one such thing associated with pregnancy are food cravings. The sudden urge to binge on certain kinds of food is quite common among women who are expecting, and Rihanna isn't any different. We recently got a glimpse of the superstar's latest foodie trail. She shared a picture of drool-worthy spaghetti on her Instagram Stories. The classic Italian dish was prepared with a tasty sauce, and basil leaves and was served with some cheese on top. “Drive – tru,” added Rihanna. Take a look.

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Spaghetti is not the only thing Rihanna devoured of late. She also shared another slide showcasing a yummy dish that appeared to be chicken chunks smeared in spices.

Well, not just Rihanna, our Bollywood divas too dropped glimpses from their maternity diaries. From Kareena Kapoor to Anushka Sharma, the actresses didn't shy away from speaking about their pregnancy cravings. Joining the list is Gauahar Khan, who is expecting her first child with her husband Ziad Darbar. We have to say that Gauahar seems to be enjoying this phase of her life with many mouth-watering delicacies. But mostly, she has been craving sweets. Giving us a sneak peek into her pregnancy diaries, she shared a video on Instagram. In the clip, you can see her diving into appetising chocolate cakes garnished with chocolate chips. You could see her relishing ice creams among other delights. 

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Can you recollect what Kareena Kapoor, one of the biggest foodies out there, craved the most during pregnancy? Pizza! Yes, she once shared a post on Instagram exhibiting her obsession with pizza. In the clip, she could be seen opening a box of pizza and right before biting into it, she takes another one and makes a pizza sandwich of two slices together. In the caption, the actress explained that pizza was something she craved the most while pregnant.

When Anushka Sharma was pregnant, she craved our favourite lip-smacking pani puri. Without shying a bit from indulging in her favourite food items, Anushka satiated herself to the fullest with various delicacies. Anushka has shared Instagram Stories showcasing her pani puri preparation. We could see puris teamed with bowls of sweet and spicy water served separately. There were some boondis as well. Not only this, but Anushka also gorged on pizza and vada pav when she was pregnant.

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