Saturday, March 25, 2023

After Dosa With Chole, Twitter User Pairs Samosa With Sambhar

We all have tried combining different foods as a kid and have explored new flavours. Some like to relish coca-cola and vanilla ice cream together while others like to add a bit of spice to their juice. Every dish has its own distinct flavour and fusing it with some other food can either lead to a disaster or a lip-smacking combination. We know you have already seen enough bizarre innovations in food on the internet. But this time, it's not a street vendor mixing chocolate with an omelette but a person trying north and south Indian cuisine together. Yes, a woman just ate samosa with sambhar leaving the Internet divided!

The user shared a photo of her culinary experiment on Twitter where she is seen dipping the classic snack in a container of sambhar. “Tried sambhar with samosa. Now cry more”. Take a look:

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Of course, the post prompted a lot of users to share their opinion about the combination.

Many insisted that samosa and sambhar really go great together.

“This actually tastes nice. I used to eat it every day in my college canteen,” a user wrote.

Another said, “Samosa with Sambhar is the best South-North collaboration yet. No kidding”.

“But sambhar with Samosa is pretty normal,” a comment read.

“Will actually taste good with Bengaluru sambar,” a person wrote.

One user claimed, “This is even on the Haldirams menu here in Nagpur and it is ordered a lot”.

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Others did not seem too pleased by the combination.

“Sambhar will file a defamation case on you,” a user said.

“More power to you!!” a comment read.

Some offered suggestions.

“Try khicchdi with Chinese bhel. Good combo,” a person wrote.

Another asked, “Gulab jamun with raita when?”

“Try the combo of 'Idli and Kadhi' sometime,” a person suggested.

So, what do you think of the combination? Tell us in the comments. 

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