Thursday, February 9, 2023

Twinkle Khanna Shares Hilarious Video About Every Mom's Morning Struggle

If there is one Bollywood celebrity that we can relate to the most on social media, it has to be Twinkle Khanna. Known for her independent thinking, outspoken personality, wit and humour, she is not afraid to express her opinions and often inspires others to think critically. Twinkle is also a devoted mother and wife and is a source of inspiration for many women who aspire to lead a fulfilling and balanced life. If you follow her on Instagram, you'd know that she often keeps sharing instances from her journey as a parent. Recently, she shared a hilarious video that all mothers will definitely be able to relate to!

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Twinkle Khanna took to Instagram stories to share the hilarious video. The video is a repost and was originally shared by an Instagram page called 'writingwithrome'. In the short clip, we can see a woman making coffee for herself in the morning. "Mom's waking up extra early to drink their coffee in peace and have quiet me time," read the text in the video. Once she's done making her coffee, she sees her son right in front of her. "60 seconds later,'' read the text overlay in the video. Twinkle even prompted her fans with a poll question asking them "How many times does this happen?" She gave the options as never, every day and thrice a week. Check out the post here:


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Looks relatable, right? Well, this is not the first time that Twinkle has shared a relatable post. Earlier, she shared a hilarious video on Instagram in which we can see her depicting her reaction when people ask her to come for a dinner party. On the face of it, she is simply nodding in agreement, but inside, she's screaming a loud 'NO'! The final reaction she gave to the late-night dinner party is a simple nod and thumbs up. "What I end up doing," read the last caption of the video. You can read all about it here.

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