Sunday, February 12, 2023

Genelia DSouza's 'Homemade Meal' Is Low In Carbs And High In Protein

Genelia D'Souza is extremely vocal about her plant-based food choices. She also shares the joy of consuming vegan delicacies with her online family. Now, the actress is here with a delicious food update. She has shared a homemade vegan dish on Instagram Stories. And, it looks so delicious! The video featured a yummy meal that is low in carbs and high in protein. What exactly do we get to see? There are 175 grams of potatoes loaded with 150 grams of vegan keema and drizzled with 25 grams of vegan cheese. The dish is all baked to perfection. Looks lovely, isn't it? For the caption, Genelia wrote, “Homemade meal – low carbs/high protein meal, 150 grams potato, 150 grams - kheema, 25 grams vegan cheese. Baked.” Genelia also used the hashtag “Plant power.”   

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Earlier, Genelia D'Souza along with her husband, actor Riteish Deshmukh and kids – Riaan and Rahyl, devoured a scrumptious meal. Genelia gave us a sneak peek into their oh-so-delicious weekend binge. The video started with fruity drinks. Next, there was a delicious preparation of edamame beans. “Best lunch date ever,” wrote Genelia. When she asked the kids, “What are you guys eating?” Rahyl responded, “Edamame.” When asked, “Why?” He stated, “More protein, less carbs.” Riteish then asked, “What's protein?” Rahyl replied by saying, “Protein which is also present in tofu and dal.” Read all about it here.  

Genelia D'Souza never shies away from sharing her vegan choices on social media. She, once, treated her taste-buds to drool-worthy desserts. Right from chocolate balls to yummy chocolate fountains, we could see it all in the video. Do you know what was the best part? All these chocolate treats were vegan! Genelia added, “I feel everyone in their own way is working towards a plant-based lifestyle whether vegan or not. Like, right here, such a vast variety of vegan dairy-free chocolates.” The hashtags were “Cruelty-free” and “Collecting good karma.” For more, click here.

So what do you have to say about Genelia D'Souza's love for plant-based protein? Meanwhile, Genelia was last seen in the Marathi film Ved. 

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