Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Days After Purple Honey, This Image Of Green Honey Has Amazed Netizens

Honey is widely recognised as a golden or brownish liquid produced by bees. This natural ingredient has been consumed since time immemorial and its types are well-documented. However, it seems that the public is yet to discover some variants of honey. A few days ago, an image of a jar of purple honey from North Carolina went viral. People couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the usual golden syrup in this deep shade. Today, another strange version of honey is grabbing eyeballs online. In a recent post on Reddit, a user uploaded an image of what seems to be honey that is green in colour.
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The user also seems to be confused regarding how this is possible. In the caption, they have written, "Anybody familiar with green honey? My dad's bees made green honey ( FL) and we have no idea what they got into." We see a spoon of honey separated from the rest of the jar. The image is rather unclear, though the green tinge is definitely visible. See the original post here:

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In the comments, the same user claimed, "I've had it and it tastes good it definitely has a distinct taste, not like any other honey I've ever had." Other users were quick to supply their own theories behind this bizarre syrup. The post has garnered 4.3K comments so far, and there is a lot of speculation. Unlike purple honey (whose existence was still known in certain circles), green honey seems to be something of a novelty. Here is what some of the other Reddit users replied:
"Seriously, if these bees would stop getting this avocado toast, they might be able to leave the hive and make a life on their own."
"Quick Google search says Purple loosestrife could do it and it would be safe to consume. Also a random reference to a blog post where someone got green honey, ate it, and got serious stomach cramps though. And some French bees near an m&m factory got into the discards and produced green honey once lol."
"Get it tested by a lab. Would be interesting to know what it was."
"While this could be from an artificial source, there are numerous natural sources that can produce green honey. Honey can range from yellow/ gold/ orange/ brown/ green."
"Any candy or coloured sweetener-using companies near you? Supposedly, stuff like maraschino cherry juice, cotton candy, jelly beans, etc. with dyes in them, if the bees find them and treat them as a source of their "nectar" (is it even technically honey is it isn't nectar?), can change the colour of the bees product."

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