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5 Healthy Ways To Include Coconut Meat In Your Diet

What comes to your mind when we say coconut water? The most common reply will be 'hydration'. A cool and comforting glass of coconut water refreshes us at any time of the day. The best part is that you will find street vendors selling coconut water at every nook and corner of the country. Many times, we drink coconut water straight from the shell and have the creamy flesh at the end. 'Malai', as we call it, is sweet, crunchy and gives a perfect ending to coconut water drinking session. However, several people ignore the malai as it is considered high in fat content. According to health experts Nmami Agarwal, one should not avoid having the malai as it is loaded with several healthy nutrients. She also highlighted some major reasons to include coconut meat in your everyday diet. Let's take a look.

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Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Coconut Meat:

1. Loaded With Healthy Fats:

Coconut meat is loaded with MCTs - a healthy fat that you get in coconut oil, in abundance. It further helps promote weight loss, digestion, metabolism, energy and overall health.

2. Manage Blood Sugar Levels:

Coconut meat has fewer carb content and is a potent source of antioxidants. Besides, coconut meat is also loaded with fibre and healthy fats. All of these come together to contribute to a balanced blood sugar level in the body.

3. Contains Polyphenol:

Coconut meat contains polyphenol. It is a potent antioxidant that helps prevent inflammation and free radical damages in the body. Polyphenols also help manage heart health, diabetes and several other lifestyle-related diseases.

4. Ideal For Dieters:

Thanks to the rich nutrient content, coconut meat is considered great for people on diet. According to Nmami Agarwal, "It is a great choice for those on low carb, paleo, gluten-free and nut-free diets".

5. High On Nutrition:

"Coconut malai provides highly valuable nutrients. But it also contains moderate amount of saturated fats. Hence, it is best to enjoy coconut malai in moderation," Nmami Agarwal adds.

Now that you know well about the goodness of coconut malai, we suggest, include it in your diet and enjoy the taste and benefits to the fullest. But, before jumping into the recipes, let's find out how to crack open a coconut.

Here's How To Crack Open A Coconut In 5 Easy Steps:

  • Crack the coconut into two halves.
  • Place each half on a gas stove, keeping the hard shell on the flame.
  • When the shell turns almost black, turn off the flame.
  • Take some cold water in a bowl and place the coconut in it.
  • Then slowly separate the hard shell from the coconut meat.

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Here Are 5 Healthy Ways To Include Coconut Meat In Your Diet:

1. Have It Raw:

We just love the crunchy texture of coconut meat. Hence, we suggest, you can either munch it like a snack or pair with murmura to make for a light meal. You can also cut the coconut meat into small pieces and garnish your food.

2. Add To Shakes And Smoothies:

You can always elevate the taste and texture of your healthy smoothies and shakes with topping of freshly grated coconut. We also like adding some chunks of coconut meat in the blender while preparing the beverage.

3. Prepare Dessert:

We just love nariyal ka ladoo. Don't we? Add some nuts, and makhana, along with grated coconut in a kadhai, mix with jaggery and prepare laddoo or barfi as per your choice. Here's nariyal ladoo recipe for you.

4. Prepare Chutney:

We can't imagine dosa without a side of coconut chutney. Can we? Coconut chutney, prepared with coconut malai, sesame seeds and seasonings, makes for a perfect dish to add to your diet. Click here for coconut chutney recipe.

5. Make Coconut Milk:

Nariyal ka doodh is used to prepare a wide range of dishes. Besides it is ideal for the ones who avoid dairy in their diet. Coconut milk is healthy, wholesome and can be easily prepared with some coconut malai. Click here to know how to make coconut milk at home.

Try each of these tips and add some goodness of coconut malai in your everyday diet.

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